About Us

We had always dreamed about owning a laundromat but it had to be a special one, a better version of most laundromats out there. Our vision was a state of the art laundromat with environmentally friendly machines that would definitely provide a faster, more efficient result, and consequently, a significant reduction on water usage as well.

On April 19, 2005, our dream came true at exactly 8am in light of the “METROPOLITAN LAUNDROMAT” opening day.

The neighborhood got a brand new, professional, well equipped laundromat; a pristine, quiet, cozy, and well-organized place. Benches, TV sets, updated magazines, an aquarium, and live plants completed the pleasant atmosphere.

It did not take long before a supportive, friendly staff, and an efficient drop-off and dry-clean services, brought the business to the next level. METROPOLITAN LAUNDROMAT became a prosperous business overnight via word of mouth and great reviews at www.yelp.com.

The owners are doing a terrific job and continue to provide their valuable customers with the best service ever.

“We are very proud to say our clients’ satisfaction is our goal and we will always guarantee a high quality service” – Adir and Jackson


Metropolitan Laundromat is not responsible for:
Items left longer than 10 days.
Articles missing or damaged after you leave the premises.